«Ageing isn’t a threat for this beauty»: Mexican actress Salma Hayek pleasantly surprised the fans with her summer photo

No one could find words to describe how stunning Hayek at 54 looks in a bodysuit

There is no denying that a single thought about this talented, successful and charismatic Mexican actress reminds us of the iconic woman’s unearthly beauty and attractiveness. On social media, Hayek has over 18 million followers who admire her.

The new summer photo she has recently shared revealed the overall-recognized actress dressed in an attractive and feminine way. Though she is already 54, Hayek still can boast about her flawless and attractive figure.

The well-known Mexican actress captioned the photo. «The good old days».

No one could remain indifferent seeing Hayek who was probably in a bodysuit, a stylish hat, fashionable sunglasses and luxurious massive earrings. The network users rushed to complement their idol for her gorgeous body and elegance.

«The years pass, and she stays as attractive».

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