«A luxurious life many of us haven’t even dreamed of»: Here are the luxurious mansions of some of the best-known people of our time

This is in what luxurious mansions Kardashian, Lopez and other famous people live

It goes without saying that besides the path to career success and incredible heights, fans are greatly interested in how their idols live in ordinary life, what it is like to be overall-famous and what their luxurious mansions look like from inside and outside.

Kylie Jenner

According to some reliable sources, the luxurious house of one of the youngest billionaires on Earth, businesswoman Kylie Jenner is worth over 35 million dollars with a swimming pool and tropical trees in the center.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

The house where M. Markle and her family live now is quite a comfortable place and such estates usually cost about 15 million dollars. Their luxurious mansion resembles a castle which creates a mysterious atmosphere around.

Jennifer Lopez

The luxurious residence of the world-class performer is probably worth around 40 million dollars which also includes a wine bar, a large garden, numerous hot baths and a swimming pool.

Kim Kardashian

Believe it or not, the residence Kim and her family currently live costs more than 80 million dollars. Now, after divorcing rapper K. West, the celebrity lives with her children sharing eight bedrooms and ten bathrooms.

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