A creative idea of a corporation, that wanted to boost its workers’ productivity

Animals can have a positive effect on the working environment 

One of the corporations in Tokyo considered to take nine cats. The management of the company considers, that the cats will help to boost their workers’ productivity and also the company’s appeal.

Office kitties were allowed to walk freely, climb on tables and play with workers while they were at work. The animals had full freedom. This amazing idea benefits not only the company’s workers, but also nine kitties, who will be given care and food.

Tenants were usually forbidden to have dogs because of Tokyo’s constrained living spaces. So cats and dogs had to live in shelters and pet owners can only go to cafes, that allow animals.

And also it us said, that those, who don’t have dogs are more stressed and have a higher risk of having a heart attack. The management of the company considers, that cats will help workers be less nervous and produce better work. Business policy allows dogs, so workers are allowed to bring their canines to work.

Every worker of the company, who adopts a cat while working for that company also gets a 42$ monthly payment. Workers have learned, that having cuddly neighbours has a positive effect on the workplace environment, but also having naughty neighbours may cause some problems.

The work in the office has often failed because of cats’ desire for chewing on cables.

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