«Why are you all so obsessed with her?»: The rare footage of one of the highest-paid models in a bikini drew everyone’s attention

No one could take their eyes off model Hadid in swimwear in recent vacation shots

This charming and incredibly successful 25-year-old model with a perfect body shape, unique style and attractiveness is considered to be among the most influential and beautiful women on Earth and there is, surely, no doubt in it.

The recent vacation shots of one of the iconic fashion models of our time literally hit the network soon becoming the center of everyone’s attention.

«No matter what she wears – she always looks her best», «Sorry, but why do you consider her beautiful?», «I have been wondering what do people find in her?».

«There are millions like her», «To my mind, she looks unhealthily thin», «I can’t see anything beautiful here», «Why are you all so obsessed with her?».

Do you think she is the well-deserved owner of the title «the most beautiful girl of our time»?

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