«When nostalgia hits differently»: Fuller from the Christmas movie «Home Alone» played by Culkin’s real-life brother after years

Do you remember Fuller from «Home Alone»? Here is the actor after 30 years

First and foremost, it is worth mentioning that the first part of «Home Alone» hit our screens in the 1990s which was over three decades ago. During this time, the fans were following the ups and downs of M. Culkin who played the leading role.

Whereas, many have been wondering how his real-life brother playing the role of his younger brother in the movie has changed over years who was well-remembered for his love for cola and bright appearance.

Here is Fuller, the youngest of the McCallisters from the legendary Christmas movie, a character that, unluckily, remained in the shadows.

Far not everyone knew that the character of Kevin’s brother was played by his real-life relative who didn’t achieve as great success and popularity as his siblings. However, this doesn’t mean that he didn’t play the role brilliantly.

Kiran took an active part in a number of movies and TV shows including «Father of the Bride» (1991), «Heirs» (2018) and «Scott Pilgrim vs. Everyone» (2010).

The prominent actor has happily been married to J. Charton with whom he has two adorable kids – Kinzie Su and Wilder Wolfe.

Do you think Kiran deserved to be as popular and successful as his elder brother?

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