«Unrealistic resemblance»: The way legendary musician Michael Jackson’s sister Janet looks will leave you speechless

No one stayed indifferent towards Jackson’s sister who is the copy of her brother

Meet legendary and world-class late musician M. Jackson’s sister, Janet, who wins millions of hearts among her famous brother’s fans. She is already 56, yet doesn’t look her age at all.

The iconic musician’s fans held the opinion that his sister would undergo plastic surgeries just like her brother since Jackson was interested in it and underwent dozens of operations to reshape his eyes, lips, chin and cheekbones.

Now, it seems as if Janet follows the steps of her late brother and who, after a lengthy hiatus, spectacularly appeared at the «Bal de la Rose» where she stunned absolutely everyone with the way she looked.

In fact she owns her fresh and youthful appearance both to genetics and interventions of plastic and cosmetic procedures. Janet started her career in the entertainment industry at a relatively young age and began singing in Las Vegas.

Since the age of 6, she performed alongside with her incredibly talented sibling. What concerns her father, he is also a successful musician and singer.

At the age of 18, Janet married musician J. DeBarge, whereas, misfortunately, their marriage ended in divorce.

Even after marrying for the second and third time, she, at the end, was left alone. Though she wasn’t successful in her personal life, Janet still doesn’t lose her hope and maintains well her beauty and charm.

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