«Two days before a cardiac arrest»: The legendary appearance of Presley’s daughter at the Golden Globes for the last time

This is how iconic singer Presley’s daughter looked two days before she passed away

The appearance of legendary and renowned singer and actor E. Presley’s heiress at the Golden Globes left absolutely everyone there speechless. The fact that Lisa didn’t look good and hardly even communicated with anyone didn’t let the journalists and photographers indifferent.

The leading actor in the great movie asked questions about Jackson’s first wife since she spoke in an unusual way, rather slowly and unwillingly. While still being on the show, she even needed some assistance.

At some point she rushed to J. Schilling with the words «I’ll take your hand» and, it should be noted that the manager had a close and warm relationship with both the iconic man and his heiress.

This is how the network users commented. «Why appear at an event If you don’t feel well?», «She didn’t care about her health», «A simple look at her made it clear she had some serious health-issues», «She definitely needed a doctor at that moment».

It is worth mentioning that the well-known woman passed away of a cardiac arrest and doctors weren’t able to do anything in order to bring her back to life.


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