«There is nothing more powerful than genetics»: Lopez’s mother Guadeloupe Rodriguez still looks fantastic in her 70s

Try not to fall in love with the charming 76-year-old mother of Jennifer Lopez

Not everyone knows that one of today’s best-known and successful singers J. Lopez had a tense relationship with her mother. The future teenage star left home because of a quarrel with her parent and they used to talk and meet rather rarely.

Currently, everything is alright and the relationship between them is quite warm. 76-year-old G. Rodriguez often visits her daughter and takes an active part in her adorable grandchildren’s upbringing.

When Lopez was still a little girl, the family was extremely poor and her mother worked at school being unable to earn enough money.

The future star’s fatal decision to drop out of the school and dedicate herself to dancing was something Rodriguez didn’t expect at all.

The celebrity’s fans first saw the charming 76-year-old woman in 2015. According to Mirror, Lopez invited her to perform on the same stage and everyone was literally stunned with the way the woman looked.

Even being already in her 70s, there is no need to say that Rodriguez still looks her best and at least 30 years younger. She possesses a glowing skin, charming brown eyes and beautiful facial features.

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