The «manic» behavior of Spears in a restaurant: Spears’s shouts and strange behavior in a public place caused a stir

Spears scared everyone off with her strange behavior in a restaurant: Photos

Lately, one of the most popular and successful American singers scared everyone off in a restaurant with her strange and «manic» behavior shouting and speaking rather rudely to the waiters. The overall-recognized star came with her husband who immediately left the place as soon as his wife started to behave in an inappropriate way. Everyone started to take pictures of the scandalous star and her weird behavior left absolutely everyone speechless.

As soon as the celebrity started to behave in a strange way, her husband couldn’t tolerate it and instantly left the place. Spears then started to speak to a waiter in a rude way scaring everyone off there.

Once she noticed that she was being photographed, she immediately left the place too without even paying the bill. According to reliable sources, her bodyguard soon returned and paid for her orders.

The American star’s rather strange behavior, revealing photos and scandalous acts made her loyal fans worry about her mental health.

There are rumors that she also put her luxurious mansion into sale in which she was about to start an entirely new stage of life.

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