The heiress of the «Game of Thrones» star: The way the daughter of Coster-Waldau looks pleasantly surprised the fans

Here is the unearthly beautiful heiress of Jaime Lannister from «Game of Thrones»

Here is the legendary, prominent and overall-recognized actor N. Coster-Waldau who brilliantly played the role of J. Lannister. The outstanding film star has been married to N. Motzfeldr for 25 years.

The admirable spouses have two adorable heiresses and both of them determined to follow their legendary father’s career footsteps.

Their youngest daughter Safina will soon turn 20 and she has already starred in a couple of series. The girl refuses to share details concerning her personal life, whereas the photographers were lucky to catch her with an attractive brunette.

This is how the prominent actor congratulated his charming heiress on her birthday: «So happy and proud of the youngest in our family. Funny, smart, quirky and independent».

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