«The ex-wife and only heiress of Jim Carrey»: This is how legendary actor Jim Carrey’s ex-wife and daughter look like

Here is Jim Carrey’s ex-wife Melissa Women and his charming daughter Jane

Many still don’t know that one of today’s legendary, demanded and incredibly talented actors J. Carrey had a difficult childhood. Because of major financial problems, his family had to live in a van and mop floors for a relatively long time.

After becoming aware of Jim’s life, his peers and classmates didn’t miss a chance to laugh at him and the future actor was left alone. His obsession was to go to a deserted wasteland where he parodied celebrities imagining himself one in the future.

Carrey was offered his first role when he was still 19. The movie «Rubber Face» with his brilliant participation was liked by the viewers and the little boy started to gradually gain fame and popularity. Such films as «Ace Ventura», «Batman Forever» and «The Mask» brought him universal recognition.

It should be noted that in the early years of 2000s, Carrey brilliantly acted in the comedy «Bruce Almighty».

Currently, the legendary movie star is dating an actress who is 22 years younger than him. He has been married twice and has one heiress.

Melissa Womer

The movie star had been in a relationship with M. Womer for 8 years. Before they got married, Melissa was already pregnant and soon gave birth to an adorable daughter. Because of Carrey’s star fever and unbearable behavior, the family, misfortunately, split up.

Jane Erin

Here is Jane, the only heiress of the movie star who is already 32 and gave birth to a baby 9 years ago, therefore, making Carrey a grandfather. She is engaged in music and, despite her parents’ divorce, she is in a close relationship with her famous father.

Lauren Holly

Shortly after the divorce, the prominent actor met actress Lauren during the filming of a new movie. They soon got married, whereas their marital life didn’t last long. They parted in one year.

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