«Statham’s wife – an indescribable beauty»: The way British actor Statham’s wife looks deserves special attention

Try not to fall in love with the stunning long-legged wife of film star Statham

The personal life of prominent and renowned British actor J. Statham has long been rather unsuccessful since nothing has remained from the 7-year relationship with K. Brook as well as the scandalous love affair with S. Monk.

And only in 2010, stunning, successful and well-known supermodel Rosie Huntington stepped on the way of the legend of action movies, whereas the British film star didn’t rush to propose her.

According to 24 Media, the admirable couple got engaged six years later.

Currently, they have two adorable kids and look quite harmonious and seem to gain family happiness. What is more, Rosie, apart from her modeling career, tried her hand in the film industry as well.

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