«She is a legend, she can do anything»: Madonna at 64 proudly demonstrated her body in a mini skirt and fishnet tights

The scandalous look of 64-year-old Madonna in mini left everyone speechless

Judging by the photos on social media shared by the legendary 64-yearold star, one may say that she is a stunning-looking 20-year-old girl. Whereas it is relevant to mention that Madonna sometimes overuses photo retouching making her face look totally unrecognizable and her, at least, 40 years younger.

Recently, the paparazzi were lucky enough to catch the overall-recognized star without retouching and beauty filters showing the entire world how the idol of millions actually looks in reality.

This is how the netizens reacted. «Why can’t she finally accept her age?», «These photos are definitely much closer to reality», «She is a legend and can do anything she wants», «I haven’t met a singer more talented and brilliant than her», «Her appearance in these photos differs greatly from that of on Instagram».

Do you share the same opinion about the well-known singer?

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