“Let everyone look like this at 54!”: The fans of the “Pretty Woman” were left speechless with Roberts’s current appearance

The “Pretty Woman”, who has noticeably gained weight, is no more the same

Paparazzi noticed that one of the iconic, best-known and outstanding Hollywood actresses at a resort on her well-deserved vacation. To say that far not everyone appreciated the legendary movie star’s look is actually nothing to say. After so many years, it was hard for Julia’s fans to recognize their idol.

The recent photos clearly reveal the radical changes the Hollywood celebrity has undergone. Many rushed to claim that she considerably gained weight and the former “Pretty Woman” is no more the same.

The opinions of the network users totally differed. Some highly praised the prominent actress’s charisma and current appearance, and some were not really satisfied with the way she looked.

Roberts’s fans openly supported their idol claiming that far not every 54-year-old woman looks as stunning and gorgeous as Julia

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