«Hunt’s lips have left the chat»: The highest-paid American film star from the 1990s is now hard to recognize

The iconic star from the sitcom «Mad About You» has changed beyond recognition 😲😳

Charming and talented H. Hunt first gained popularity and overall recognition thanks to her legendary role in the cult sitcom «Mad About You». The highest-paid actress in the US from the 1990s didn’t let any of her fans remain indifferent towards her unearthly beauty, grace and brilliant acting skills.

The fact that she achieved incredible heights due to her role in the sitcom made her one of the brightest Hollywood superstars. It should be noted that the well-known woman was nominated for an Oscar for her role in «As Good As It Gets», after which she achieved great success starring in the movie «What Women Want».

Afterwards, the gifted actress has brilliantly taken part in a number of TV series and movies.

Though the film star previously announced that she was going to age naturally being strongly against plastic surgeries, Hunt, anyway, turned to a cosmetic surgeon probably under the pressure of society and beauty standards of today.

Currently, the film star looks much older at 59 whose wrinkled face, tiny lips and the complete disappearance of charm left her fans speechless.

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