«Hit the network with his unique beauty»: The way overall-recognized movie star Lollobrigida’s grandson looks will amaze you

Are you ready to see actress Lollobrigida’s grandson? You’ll be left speechless

Apart from being among the most renowned, outstanding and incredibly talented film stars of her time, Lollobrigida didn’t let any single man remain indifferent towards her unearthly beauty and charisma.

She succeeded not only in building a drizzling acting career, but also creating a strong and exemplary family. It should be noted that the legendary actress still remains among the female beauty icons of all time.

The prominent actress married M. Skofich and had an adorable son naming him after the father. Whereas the boy didn’t want to follow his mother’s career footsteps. He, instead, became an economist.

The man married and had a son Dmitry who was eager to continue his grandmother’s profession taking his first steps in the film industry. There is no denying that Dmitry has grown up into a real conqueror of female hearts.

Do you think he looks like his iconic grandmother?

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