«From a world-class 1990s’ actress into a farmer»: Mega-popular film star Alicia Silverstone has changed beyond recognition

Do you remember the «Aerosmith girl» star Silverstone? Here is the actress at 46

The iconic «Aerosmith girl» star used to be a mega-popular actress in the 1990s who never ceased to win millions of male hearts.

The unearthly beauty of the talented movie star with her charming huge gray eyes and admirable smile made people compare her with an angel. All teenage girls at that time dreamed of looking like the Hollywood star, yet now she is no longer the same.

From an overall-recognized and world-class celebrity, she has turned into a farmer dedicating herself to the family life. The legendary actress herself admits she is fond of gardening and growing vegetables of which she is truly proud.

Her former indescribable beauty, grace and attractiveness have completely disappeared according to some of her fans.

Do you think the Hollywood actress has changed beyond recognition?

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