«From a style icon into an object of ridicule»: The way Versace looked before her transformation left everyone speechless

Archival photos revealing Versace before surgeries and fillers hit the network

One of the main style icons of our time has, unluckily, failed to maintain her natural beauty, charm and elegance.

Recently, the archival photos of Versace have recently hit the network revealing her before her incredible transformation  In fact, she took over the reins of the overall-recognized fashion house after the death of her brother soon achieving incredible heights in modeling.

Because of her obsession with her plastic surgeries and regular beauty procedures, the former style icon is now regarded one of the ugliest and most heavily criticized celebrities. It is worth mentioning that the star has undergone blepharoplasty, Botox injuries, enlarged her lips including other manifestations concerning her body.

Because of a number of plastic surgeries, fillers, face lifting and Botox, the iconic woman’s facial features completely lost their individuality.

What can you say about her appearance before her incredible transformation?

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