After being attacked by two dogs, Buddy became a real fighter and managed to get what he deserves

He is a brave fighter!

It’s an awful day for Buddy, once a stray catty, who was attacked by two dogs, who were walking with their owners. The guys let the dogs off their leashes making their dogs attack the poor creature.

The catty was immediately taken to the hospital, where Katie Venanzi, a caring vet, became his saviour. The cutie needed quick treatment, and for this good people collected about 130,000 dollars.

The vet was doing his best to save the cat’s life, despite the fact, that the chance of his survival was low.

But Buddy wanted to live and he struggled until the end. As a result, his condition became better day by day and he started to feel strong.

Although he is still in the recovery process, he enjoys his life with his new family, who provides him with everything he needs.

As for the two guys, who are the main culprits of this story, were found and punished by the police.

Buddy, who was once stray, was adopted by his loving vet Venanzi and was given much love and support from him.

Now the catty has a dreamy life and spends his time with the family’s other pet Teddy.

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