A little boy appeared on the street with his family, but after eighth months he purchased an apartment

The boy is going to purchase a better apartment for his family in the future.

The family of a boy 8, almost appeared on the street because of the crisis and financial obligations. The adults were not able to find a way out of the state but the boy turned out to be cleverer.

He launched his own business, and after eight months he purchased an apartment.

Berenice Pacheco and her three kids couldn’t pay their costly rent in Los Angeles on time. Because of the situation in the world, a woman just lost her job. Berenice was forced to move to a barn where there were no proper living conditions.

Once, during a joyful talk with her eight-year-old son Aaron, a woman offered him to start his own business and learn how to purchase toys for himself. Berenice rapidly forgot about the conversation but the boy became gravely thoughtful.

In the evening the boy made up his mind to resell the herbs. He took the $12 he saved and purchased eight succulents from a closest store. He was able to resell them for just $16 for a small budget, but…

The boy’s income grew on a daily basis, as many adults gave him generous tips. Aaron has started his own advertising account on Instagram. His story was speedily picked up by the media, further increasing his wealth.

A group of concerned citizens then held a GoFundMe auction for Aaron’s family.

Eight months have passed since the initiation of the case, and thanks to the auction, the boy earned up to 40 thousand dollars.

This money was as much as necessary for the family to obtain a small flat on the outskirts of the city. Meanwhile, the business carries on growing as more and more people become aware of the story of the prudent boy.

Aaron won’t stop there. He is going to purchase a better apartment for his family in the future.

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