«A joke played by genetics»: The way renowned actor Chaplin’s granddaughter looks caused a stir on network

Have you ever seen the absolutely unique granddaughter of comic actor Chaplin?

Ch. Chaplin, apart from being one of the best-known and renowned comic actors and directors, was also a real «lady killer» who became a father 11 times and, more surprisingly, from different women. Many of his descendants decided to follow the legendary actor’s career steps.

Actress and dancer, a descendant of Charlie and Una O’Neil, has changed her name into Aurelia Thierry.

Aurelia’s parents were Victoria Chaplin and circus performer J. Thierry. The charming girl has already decided what path to take since her early childhood.

As one of the descendants of the comic actor’s dynasty, Aurelia brilliantly performs at the theatre and is well-known and demanded in her homeland France. There is no denying that she inherited her extraordinary appearance from her legendary grandfather.

People’s opinions about her non-standard appearance differ since many are more than sure that genetics played a joke on the granddaughter of the overall-recognized comedian endowing her with an unusual appearance.

Share your opinion about her appearance? Do you think she looks like her grandfather?

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