«A future supermodel with the Hollywood’s most devoted dad!»: Cooper’s affectionate attitude towards his heiress touched everyone

The way Cooper tenderly treats his little daughter melted everyone’s heart

While B. Cooper was spending time with his adorable little heiress, the paparazzi managed to catch them. Many rushed to claim that he is probably the most caring and devoted father in the American show business. It is worth mentioning that the Oscar-winner doesn’t miss a single chance to spend time with his daughter. Her affectionate attitude towards his little heiress melted everyone’s heart and touched his fans.

On his birthday, the famous man was spotted with the little girl twice. The exemplary father was carrying his daughter’s pink backpack and was excitedly listening to what she was telling him. Many even remarked the charming appearance of the child claiming that she inherited the best from her iconic mother and will soon surpass her with her indescribable beauty and a sense of style.

No one could remain indifferent towards their heartwarming photos. «A charming girl with the best father of Hollywood», «A future supermodel is here!», «We can admire them forever», «Probably the most heartwarming photo of a father with his daughter».

There are rumors claiming that the ex-spouses are again together, whereas there is no evidence yet.


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