What fortune. This woman went after firewood and returned with a precious diamond

The woman brought the find home but could not identify it.

The villager went to the wood in order to collect firewood but came back without it. In place of it, the surprised woman carried home a valuable diamond.

Gaining firewood was the only way for Genda Bai to have an income. The woman saved money for home repairs. That day, she walked a short distance into the wood when she spotted a shiny teardrop-shaped stone close to her feet.

Genda brought the find home but could not identify it. She enlisted the assistance of a regional jeweler, who easily discovered that the woman detected a four-carat diamond.

“I never imagined that I would be so fortunate. I walked the path every day for a year but I never spotted a shiny stone. And while she was searching for firewood, she looked at her feet all the time,” the woman told the press.

The woman showed the stone to diamond expert Anupam Singh, who later confirmed that it was a good-quality diamond.

It was kept in the diamond office. Officials said the diamond would go to the next auction, and after subtracting 12 percent of greatness as well as 1 percent of the tax, the rest of the amount would be transferred to the woman’s bank account.

The woman said that currently, it would be easier for her to find a groom for her marriageable daughter. Also, the woman will repair her house. The wife and husband are working and considered needy. They have four sons and two daughters. She reported that both daughters were of suitable age for marriage.

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