“What a precious moment to witness!”: Affleck and Lopez showed affection towards each other in the recent video

The touching video of Lopez and Affleck melted everyone’s heart: VIDEO

Recently, stunning 53-year-old Lopez delighted her followers on social media with the heartwarming video of her and her husband B. Affleck.

The iconic American spouses who restored their relationship about 20 years after the breakup appeared in the arms of each other and looked happier than ever making their fans admire the beautiful and devoted couple even more.

Many recalled that the couple’s feelings first arose in the back 2000s whereas they, unluckily, split up and only after two decades they again united and now delight their fans with their limitless love and faithfulness towards each other. The happy news that they started to date again was confirmed with the photo Jennifer shared on her 52th birthday where they gently kissed each other. On July 2, the legendary couple got married and soon had a fantastic honeymoon in Paris, France. While Lopez’s mansion is being renovated right now, the newlyweds live in a luxurious house in Los Angeles and intend to celebrate the housewarming in 2023.

This is how their fans reacted to their heartwarming video. “How attractive Ben actually is. Lopez is lucky to have him”, “I wish you family happiness and welfare”, “What a precious moment”, “I literally adore you”, “How adorable they are”.

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