“There are millions like her, nothing special”: Shayk was criticized for her “imperfect” figure in a bikini

Are you ready to see how model Shayk’s figure actually looks in a swimsuit?

I. Shayk, a well-known and successful supermodel from Russia has greatly surprised the network users showing off her “imperfect” body in a swimsuit. Some rushed to complain that the iconic model, misfortunately, isn’t the same beauty anymore heavily criticizing her.

“Gained weight, for sure”, “A queen of luxury”, “Our perception of what beauty is”, “A gorgeous woman”, “We definitely need more photos of her”, “There are millions like her in our village”.

“What a stunning woman in front of us”, “An absolutely ordinary housewife”, “Why do people consider her iconic?”, “What if we wash off her makeup?”, “The woman of the year”.

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