“The Prince of Denmark is being criticized”: Prince Nikolai faced criticism because of his girlfriend’s look

Many rushed to criticize the young Prince for his girlfriend’s appearance

Here is the young Prince of Denmark who is still 18 and who, yet, already became the center of everyone’s special attention because of his girlfriend’s “imperfect” appearance.

As it turned out her girlfriend Benedikte is one year older than her boyfriend, whereas looks much older and, according to many, has no right to be with the Prince and become the member of the royal family in the near future.

It should be noted that the couple first met during the studies at Herlufsholm School and are totally inseparable since then.

The whole thing is that many are more than sure that the young girl doesn’t possess appearance worthy of the Prince’s attention and they surely don’t suit each other.

The fans of Nikolai are mainly concerned about the fact that Benedikte looks much older than the boy himself who is still being heavily criticized.

Whereas we should bear in our mind that love knows no bounds and it is their personal choice.

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