“She saved her sister’s life while being in the womb”: Before being born, the baby saved her sister sending out a distress signal

One of the twins miraculously saved the other’s life while being in the womb

The story of Lean McBride didn’t let anybody stay indifferent. The thing is that, initially, absolutely everything was going well until the doctor announced that one of the twin-sisters’, Poppy’s heart started to noticeably slow down. It should be noted that at that moment the twins were 31 weeks and 5 days. The doctors warned the concerned parents about the possible danger and strongly advised them to be taken to delivery so as to save her life.

What concern the other baby that is Winnie, the doctors had no idea that she could have such problems but she was born with underdeveloped lungs. Given this information, it turned out that the other baby that is Poppy had sent out a signal of distress thus informing about her sister’s problem.

Everyone made sure that the heroic sister saved the other’s life and if she hadn’t sent a distress signal they wouldn’t have survived waiting for their due date.

The doctors were simply astonished claiming that if Poppy’s pulse wasn’t poor they wouldn’t be born now, thus Winnie would have hardly survived. The thing is that when Poppy was born, she had no problems concerning her heart.

No one stayed indifferent towards the unique twin-sisters’ incredible story and since now, they take care of each other and are absolutely inseparable.

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