“Overdid Botox and surgeries”: Singer Gwen Stefani was heavily criticized for undergoing plastic operations

Stefani overdid beauty procedures changing her appearance beyond recognition

The recent photos of Gwen Stefani who showed off her face which became totally unrecognizable due to a number of plastic surgeries made her fans be concerned about the woman. She has recently demonstrated her plump lips after which most netizens rushed to suggest her stopping overdoing plastic operations, beauty procedures and advised her to finally accept her natural beauty.

Her photos taken while she was waiting for the Thanksgiving day received a lot of comments and reactions. Her delicate makeup highlighting her impressive facial features and gorgeous wavy hair delighted the singer’s followers.

Many are against the beauty procedures she undergoes strongly advising the popular singer to immediately stop doing unnecessary injections which, instead of highlighting her good sides and giving her more charm, actually spoil her appearance.

A lot of her fans rushed to express their dissatisfaction claiming that these beauty procedures and plastic operations destroy the individuality of those who go through anything possible for the sake of desirable appearance. This is, in fact, not the first time the singer is heavily criticized for altering her appearance, yet she tries not to anyhow react to the negative comments.

Are you for or against undergoing plastic operations and Botox?

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