Jolie’s tattoos and their meanings: These are the tattoos of Jolie with their meanings

Here is the explanation of the tattoos the legendary film star possesses

The overall-recognized and successful film star and a devoted parent of six is a great fan of tattoos which becomes quite clear to anyone who looks at her body covered with a number of tattoos. Whereas some entirely new ones have appeared on her body just recently and one can only guess what they actually mean. Here is the explanation of her tattoos whose meanings have already been discovered.

On her abdomen there is a one meaning “What feed me destroys me”.

The letter “h” on her wrist was engraved when she was engaged with T. Hutton, whereas the iconic actress claims she had this tattoo dedicated to her brother.

In 2004, she got the tattoo a large tiger from the cravings of the tribe Borneo and a dragon on her lower back.

The Buddhist tattoo for protecting her and her beauty. It should be noted that this interesting tattoo covers the word “death” written in Japanese.

The famous tattoo “Know Your Rights” from the Clash song is engraved on her back.

She has a tattoo on her right hand which means “ambition”.

The dragon tattoo is on her left arm.

Whereas after the divorce, she removed the name and only the dragon remained.

This well-known quotation from Tennessee Williams.

Here is the actress’s favorite number.

Here are geographic coordinates indicating the birth places of all her adopted and biological children.

She also has a tattoo “M” dedicated to her late mother.

These ancient signs of the Buddhists indicating family idyll and spiritual bond were engraved when the film star was still in a relationship with Pitt.

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