It happens once in a blue moon. A British couple has unique twin girls

Although they are sisters, they are quite different.

Nicole and Todd Bailey from Sheffield, UK have two charming daughters, Harper and Quinn. They are twins. But they are quite different. This is because Harper is a unique child with Down Syndrome. Experts say that once in a blue moon a child is born with this genetic disorder.

Experts could not understand the disease of the child in the womb. And everything became obvious when Harper was born. She was born first and her sister Quinn followed her after 38 minutes.

After the birth, the specialists said sorry to the family for not spotting the disorder. But the couple didn’t see Harper’s illness as an issue. And the experts are not blamed for anything.

Nicola does not love her little daughter. The mother of wonderful girls is certain that they cannot be compared. Although they are sisters, they are quite different.

Sadly, a genetic illness is not the only issue for the girl. She was born with a heart defect, and at the age of 6, she will have a complicated operation.

The girls have an older brother who adores his sisters. He is waiting for the girls to grow up and be able to keep him company in games.

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