“How is it even possible?”: The fantastic look of the Italian diva during a movie festival drew everyone’s attention

Bellucci at 55 left every single one speechless in a film festival with her look

Though the legendary Italian diva rarely appears in public delighting her fans with her fantastic and admirable look, her each and every appearance becomes kind of a sensation among her followers.

Her recent appearance wasn’t an exception as well when the Italian actress in her 50s was present in a film festival held in a small Italian town. No body stayed indifferent towards the stunning film star’s iconic look.

Bellucci was dressed in a delicate white summer dress with a deep neckline and a white skirt hiding her shoulders. Her elegant black purse and fashionable sunglasses successfully completed her gorgeous look.

A number of netizens rushed to compliment the actress and model in the comment section: “What do you mean by saying she is 55?”, “How does she manage to keep herself fit?”, “A goddess”, “She is literally flawless”.

Share your opinion about the iconic actress! What films have you watched starred by her?

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