These Siamese twins were divided when they were 4. How do they live currently?

They became an example that there are no despairing situations.

In late winter 2002, Jake and Erin Herrin had two daughters named Kendra and Malia.

This case caused conflicting feelings: it turned out that the kids were Siamese twins.

On the one hand, the parents were on cloud nine about the appearance of daughters in the family, and on the other hand, they were bothered about their future destiny.

For four years, the girls had one life for two but their parents had the desire to give them an opportunity to live on their own and made a decision to separate them.

The girls have only two legs, and each could control one.

Step by step, they got used to and were able to walk and even run without obstacles.

In 2006, surgery was performed in order to separate the twins.

31 doctors were involved, who worked with the girls for over a day.

The media shortly found out about the occasion, and Kendra and Malia became mini-celebrities.

The twins have been living separately for 14 years.

Surely, they had to get used to living in a new way but they adapted step by step.

Girls go to school, and from time to time classes are held at home.

The girls showed talent as well. Both of them love to draw and do it well.

Kendra and Malia became role models for their peers and showed that there are no despairing situations.

They are considered the heroes of the school and are highly respected by their classmates.

Currently, the girls are 18, they look like this.

The sisters live a full life, they have the opportunity to go away from each other and be in various locations.

The girls graduated from driving school and are great drivers.

They have a YouTube channel as well and accounts on social networks where they post interesting occasions from their lives.

The twins have tens of thousands of followers.

The Herrin sisters are in touch with the mother of Siamese twin sisters Kelly and Carter.

Assumed from personal experience, they give her direction as well as support the kids in every probable method.

Kelly and Carter are getting ready to be separated as well but their parents haven’t made a decision yet.

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