“Then and Now”: Here is iconic actress Victoria Ruffo who has changed a lot since the prime of her career

This is how charming actress Victoria Ruffo looks who has already turned 56

Being as young as 18, charming and charismatic V. Ruffo first gained world fame and popularity not only in her homeland, but also all over the world. This was mainly due to her legendry role in a popular TV show “Just Maria” during which she was fortunate enough to meet the love of her life as well whom she later married.

The man she madly fell in love with was Eugenio Derbez with whom she, misfortunately, broke up very soon.

Later on, when the couple was destined to meet again, they soon got married, whereas Victoria’s life wasn’t the same after that. The man heartlessly forbade her to go out since he was extremely jealous.

And, after a while, it became clear for Victoria that her husband was jealous of her success and fame and she soon rushed to divorce him.

However, the process was not the easiest one as Eugenio strongly refused to pay for the kid.

After eventually divorcing him, the film star could dedicate herself to her acting career. Victoria was convinced she was hard to love and refused to interact with men anymore for a relatively long time.

Whereas soon, Victoria met Omar, a politician, whom she then married organizing a luxurious wedding ceremony.

Currently, being already 56, the iconic woman claims she has undergone no surgery and her beauty is completely natural. Many believe she looks much younger.

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