“Looks better without cosmetics than many young stars”: Fans were delighted with Lopez’s natural appearance

Photojournalists showed how Lopez actually looks without any cosmetics on

We all are accustomed to seeing Lopez as well as majority of well-known and iconic stars on stage, on the Red Carpet or at the events. However, very few have witnessed how our idol looks without a gram of makeup who constantly hides her exhaustion and stress appearing with makeup. Here are photos recently taken by the photojournalists.

These days, the legendary star was caught by the paparazzi in her completely natural appearance and in casual clothes. She actually had no single idea that she would be captured by them and one could find such comments as “What an ordinary woman”, “Nothing to boast on”.

“Looks rather unattractive and plain without makeup”, “Actually looks her age”, “What a gorgeous woman”, “Nothing ruins her beauty”.

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