“Legendary fathers and their children”: Here are the heirs and heiress of well-known Hollywood stars

Meet the children of overall-recognized men who follow their career steps

It is needless to say that the life and activity of overall-known and successful people always remain the center of everyone’s attention. The photojournalists never miss a single chance to catch the popular stars’ heirs and heiresses who, for the most part, follow in their legendary parents’ career steps. However, some choose other professions leading a private way of life.

C. Hanks

Tom has had four children, yet his only one heir decided to follow his father’s career steps. It should be noted that he has already achieved success in the film industry, excellently starring in a couple of initiatives, including “Fargo”.

J. Smith

The heirs of legendary actor Will Smith are always the center of everyone’s admiration as well. It is relevant to mention that the great man doesn’t really mind that his children go into acting. If we take Jaden, he has starred in “After Our Age”, “Chasing Happiness” as well as popular TV series “Burnout”.

C. Eastwood

It is worth mentioning that only Scott has chosen to follow his famous father’s career footsteps and has already taken part in “Flags of our Fathers”. Scott has brilliantly participated in picture “The Long Road” playing one of the leading roles and delighting their fans with his excellent acting.

D. Johnson

The film star’s parents are both overall-recognized celebrities: Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith. It should be noted that Dakota’s acting style is much like that of her father. She brilliantly played in “Fifty Shades of Grey” playing the role of passionate and seductive Anastasia Steele.

P. Schwarzenegger

The most popular child of the legendary man is Patrick who possesses a fantastic appearance. He has achieved great success both in the film and modeling industries.

L. R. Depp

Though Depp’s charming heiress leads a private way of life strongly refusing to share details concerning her personal life, she has already become a well-known actress. Lily takes a great interest in modeling and is actively engaged in social activities as well.

I. Lundgren and B. Van Warenberg

Legendary Van Damme’s daughters take a great interest in marital arts. It is relevant to mention that they have taken up acting at the theatre as well.

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