“Identical girls have been discovered”: The touching scene of the girls uniting with each other delighted everyone

Identical girls living in different countries united in this heartwarming scene

There is probably no one who is not interested in whether there is anyone in the entire world who looks exactly like them or whether they have relatives living on the other side of our planet whom they haven’t ever seen or remember

Today’s incredible story is about identical girls who were miraculously discovered living in different countries and who had no idea about each other. In the left picture there is Lana and in the right one – Bianca.

They first saw each other on social media and were astonished by their incredible resemblance. The unique girls realized they were the exact copies of each other. It was a friend of Bianca who showed Lana’s photos to her claiming that they looked absolutely the same.

What is more, Lana’s mother living in Dubai accidentally came across a video in which her daughter was brilliantly singing having no idea that she could sing so excellently.

However, it was actually not her daughter. Bianca turned out to be 7 years younger, whereas their incredible resemblance left each and every one speechless.

The identical girls got into contact with each other and rushed to arrange a meeting. Lana took the first move inviting her to travel to Dubai and Bianca happily agreed.

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