“The legend of our generation”: This is what the family of cult actor Bruce Lee looks like now

Here are the members of actor Bruce Lee’s family: How have they changed?

It is worth mentioning that one of the true legends of our times has been brilliant and outstanding actor Bruce Lee who has always been the idol for millions and who encouraged many to choose the right path. It should be noted that besides being a praiseworthy man in marital arts, Lee was also a good script writer. The legendary man excellently starred in films as well and became a true legend for the viewers. It is a pity that the great man passed away very early, at the age of 32 leaving his family and loyal fans in sorrow.

Cadwell Lee

Believe it or not, she went to kung fu lessons since she took a great interest in it, thus becoming a companion for the legendary artist. Later, they both clearly knew that they felt something more towards each other and Linda became his wife. She is currently 74.

Brandon Lee

It is known that Bruce Lee had always support and stood up for his son no matter what which became one of the reasons his heir determined to follow in his iconic parent’s career footsteps. At the age of 21, Brandon played his first role which was a success. It should be noted that he has brilliantly starred in over 20 films. But misfortunately, passed away because of a serious injury he gained on the set.

Emery Lee

His charming daughter Shannon has starred in several films as well. At the moment, she is already 50 and is one of those who lead the Bruce Lee Foundation.


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