“Like a separate empire!”: This is how the luxurious house of the wealthiest man in India looks from the inside

Here is how the inside of the luxurious house of the richest Indian man looks

Mukesh Ambani is considered one of the wealthiest and well-to-do people from Asia in the whole world. He has Indian origins and, according to the statistics in 2020, his fortune constituted about 79 billion dollars. This is all owing to Reliance Industries company of fuel extraction.

Ambani himself is currently living in Great Britain whereas his own house having 27 rooms is located in India. The luxurious building was built in 2010.

According to reliable sources, the house was worth 1 billion dollars and it was built for his wife and three children. Accompanied with them 600 more people live there in order to serve them in any purpose.

The luxurious house was 3-storey park, parking lot for 180 places, a huge elevator, a swimming pool and many other zones for relaxation. It should be noted the house also has a cinema zone.

The uniqueness of this house is that each and every item and piece of furniture is designed in its exclusive way and other prototypes of them won’t be found.

No one can really recreate such an amazing and luxurious living area.

Whereas it is quite sad to realize that right next to his “empire” there are poor people’s old houses. The man in his turn claims that he possesses only one gorgeous house and no more.

It should be noted that Ambani lives in a quite modest way of life.

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