“I eat only once a day”: Iconic model Naomi Campbell shared the secret to her flawless body

This is how and what Campbell eats in order to always keep herself fit

Each and every fashion model has her or his own way of maintaining their flawless figure and always keeping themselves fit. Some rush to go on strict diets, some limit themselves in milk products and sweets, and some regularly drink a green fresh as the start of a day. And what concerns one of the most iconic and demanded models on Earth, Naomi Campbell, the woman eats once a day, only the dinner skipping the breakfast and the supper.

Whereas the legendary diva admitted that Sunday is her exception day and on that day she can afford to eat even a piece of cake or some sweets.

The cult model drinks only water or juice two days a week in order to keep herself fit and always look flawless and attractive. She never does experiments concerning eating, if she doesn’t feel good.

However, you all should bear in your mind that all this is a matter of subjectivity and you don’t have to follow their example. This depends on one’s organism and health issues.


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