“Wrinkled clothes”: Legendary actress Jolie surprised her fans with her unusual look in wrinkled clothes

Jolie’s recent look in wrinkled outfit caused discussions on the web

Angelina Jolie, besides being a praiseworthy and successful actress, is also a kind-hearted and generous woman who never ceases to offer her priceless help to the poor and the needy. And recently, the Hollywood star got actively engaged in a project and should have a discussion with local authorities on current social situation and issues.

The world famous actress places a great important on Kambhoji and she even adopted a child from here with the same name. After their visit, the charming woman posted a heartwarming picture with her heiress Shiloh.

The network users rushed to criticize the actress for her clothes saying that she doesn’t look well-groomed anymore.

What can you say?

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