“How is such a coincidence possible?”: This is what happened to this family when their child was born

Something extraordinary happened to this family with the birth of their heir

Absolutely everyone was impatiently waiting for the birth of the boy who, believe it or not, was born on the same day as his grandfather.

The family of Eppards happily discovered that they were going to have a baby in autumn, 2016.

The family decided to move to a new house and Connor was really concerned about the child’s health as the stress and exhaustion could have an impact on the timing of the birth.

On the 30th of June, the spouses visited the doctor for an examination who advised them to go to the hospital for labor.

As it later turned out, James Morriset, his great-grandfather was born on the 1st of July as well.

The delightful parents were simply amazed at this news. They immediately came into

shock and couldn’t understand how such a coincidence was even possible.

The adorable child was named Boden Matthew James Eppard.

They claimed that nature can sometimes do magical things and no one can escape from what their destiny has already prepared for them.

This amazing story immediately went viral and as experts state such a coincidence occurs in 1 in 33,374 people.

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