A homeless cat approaches the dog owner and meows until she is taken home

A homeless cat started to meow in the street until she was adopted

Some animals will do everything to find a loving home. And that’s exactly what one cat did. She decided to attract anyone’s attention to find a new home after having a hard life as a stray.

The poor kitten was meowing until being noticed by someone. But no one wanted to take her home, as she was dirty and had many fleas. Suddenly a dog walker named Kiara heard the sounds, she asked her neighbours if the cat was theirs. They didn’t know where the kitten came from and she took her.

The cat started to hug and purr when she walked home. Not long after Kiara decided to adopt her. She bathed, fed and took her to the vet.

She decided to name the cat Hope. She was in excellent health. After a year Hope and Kiara became best friends and now she enjoys her perfect kitten life.

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