The world’s tallest man became father and this is what his son actually looks like

Here is the world’s tallest person’s heir: How does he look?

The average height for men is about 160-170 cm and for women 160-165, whereas it depends on genes, the quality of food during the development of the child’s organism and the work of the hormonal system.

That’s why even those nations that are distinguished from others with relatively short height of their residents can sometimes represent those who are extremely tall or visa versa. So here is the tallest man in the entire world who is listed on the Guinness Book of Records. And, however surprising it might sound, he is from China.

Bao Xishen has been living in inner Mongolia since he was born. Initially, he was an ordinary child who had nothing special. But in the course of time his height somehow reached 256 cm which is incredible.

Because of his uniqueness, the man didn’t get a proper job and wasn’t able to normalize his personal life for a long time. Till the age of 56, Bao was lonely looking for the love of his life. And, happily, in 2007 Xishen found her and rushed to marry.

His wife is 30 years younger than him and possesses an average height typical of a normal girl. On the 24th of March, the couple married and had wedding which was sponsored by 15 Chinese companies.

Shortly after, they had a son who weighed four kilos and was 59 cm. Bao hopes his heir will inherit his genes and will become a successful basketball player.

Currently, he is already 13 with normal weight and height. No one can predict anything as his father Bao also looked ordinary at the age of 13.

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