“The second Kim Kardashian”: Shayk in ripped jeans charmed whole New York

Charming Irina Shayk in ripped jeans was caught in the streets of New York

She is a Russian model who periodically appears in the news. The charming woman currently lives in New York and is often captured by the paparazzi.

Not so long ago, the well-known model was caught on her way to pick up her little child from a kindergarten. It is worth mentioning that the child was born during the marital life with a world-famous actor Cooper.

Recently, the celebrity appeared in a black corset and jeans completing her look with oversized boots and a stylish handbag. The model’s outfit was rather unusual but interesting at the same time.

There were also rumors claiming that the ex-husband of Kim started to date Shayk and many held the opinion that it was the actor who actually had an influence on the woman to get dressed this way.

What is more, many believed that the woman started to copy the style of Kim Kardashian for which Shayk got heavily criticized.

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