Here is what the star of “Wild Angels”, Facundo Arana, his wife and children look like now

This is how actor Facundo Arana from “Wild Angels” and his family look now

Here is the family, charming wife and adorable children of the iconic star from “Wild Angels”, Facundo Arana after all these years.

This well-known and successful actor from Argentina gained popularity and world fame thanks to his role in a beloved and popular TV series “Wild Angels”. There is no need to say that in the 1990s and early 2000s, each and every girl was crazy in love with this actor: his “right” facial features, angelically beautiful blue eyes and gorgeous blond hair attracted millions of hearts all over the world. It is worth mentioning that the legendary movie star has always been loyal to his dear wife.

The admirable couple has been happily married for already 7 years, whereas their relationship, in fact, began much earlier. Currently, the famous actor has already turned 47 and his charming wife is 43. Maria used to be a model, yet she decided to dedicate her career to her precious family. However surprising it might sound, she agreed to marry Facundo after their three children’s birth.

Their eldest heiress is 11 and she is in a warm and inseparable relationship with her two siblings. The awesome twins were born in 2009 and the loving spouses together managed to cope with any difficulties and obstacles.

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