Even in her 70s, Elon Musk’s mother attracts the whole modeling industry with her spectacular appearance

Musk’s mother, Maye, still remains the icon of femininity at her 71

It goes without saying that behind every world famous and successful person there are those who had always supported and believed in them. Besides, it is very intriguing to know how the parents or children of popular celebrities look and live now. Today, we are going to tell you about Elon Musk’s mother who, regardless of already being 71, is able to win everyone’s heart remaining the icon in the modeling industry.

Even at her age, she manages to conquer the catwalks and fashion shows.

When she was still a little child, her family moved to Africa from Canada. Soon she could boast on her charming appearance winning one popular beauty competition. She married to Errol Musk, whereas they unluckily divorced. The couple had three kids.

And since then, the woman has been fully satisfied with her appearance and still actively takes part in many shows and events.

It is known that she prefers rather daring and bright looks and outfits constantly delighting her fans with her appearance.

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