After losing weight Liv Tyler feels much more confident and is not embarrassed about wearing dresses

Liv Tyler is now not embarrassed about her body after losing weight

Despite already being 45, charming Liv Tyler, the star of the great movies “Armageddon” and “Lord of the Rings” looks simply gorgeous.

The daughter of Steven Tyler is a successful actress, model and producer who prefers not to share her personal life on social media. Most often, the woman posts heartwarming pictures of her adorable children. But recently, she shared an admirable selfie taken in a taxi which resulted in a lot of discussions on the internet. In just a few hours, the photo gained over 60 thousand likes which was incredible.

In her selfie, Tylor wore a long-sleeve blue dress with a neckline and a high slit in the skirt which revealed her stunning legs. She completed her look with fashionable sandals, a bag and stylish sunglasses. Liv had a light makeup and looked amazing.

The celebrity hasn’t ever been thin and had many insecurities concerning her imperfect body and extra kilos. Whereas recently, she managed to lose weight making absolutely everyone be proud of her.

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