When the woman brought her newborn baby close to the gorillas’ cage, something exciting happened  

The family approached to the gorillas’ cage and what happened then made them cry. 

We all know that animals also can be caring and attentive moms, like humans. They look after their babies and protect them from everything as people do.

Kiki, a mommy gorilla, proved this once more and showed everyone that mother love in wildlife and that of humans have no differences.

One day a couple decided to visit the Franklin Park Zoo in Boston with their newborn baby named Canyon, who was one month old at that time.

They came and stood in front of the Kiki’s and her 7 month old baby’s cage, whose name is Pablo.

What happened then amazed everyone, both attendees and the viewers from all over the world were excited by the scene.

When Kiki saw they approached to their cage and they had a baby in their arms, she brought her own baby, Pablo and put him on her knees.

Both the woman named Emmelina Austin  and Kiki sat next to each other with their babies. It seemed they communicated with each other without any word and that language was more comprehensible than any other languages.

Both the wife and the husband began to cry. The scene was really touching and it excited the whole world.

It proved the fact that animals also have emotions and feelings like humans, especially mothers have the same instincts as people.

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