The unique “black chicken” is absolutely black from his plumages to inner organs and bones

The amazingly beautiful bird, that has a unique black color

The exotic chicken from the Lamborghini poultry was seen, and its name is Ayam Cemani. This amazing animal is a unique breed from Indonesia, and its unusual dark appearance has made her different from other species and made a really extraordinary and weird breeds in the world.

All the body of this unusual bird is black from its feathers to its feet. Even its internal organs are black, its all because of the innocuous genetic mutation called fibromelanosis, that adda extra melanin to the bird’s organs. This process happens in embyros, which results in the dark colour of Cemani chicks.

Ayam Cemani was considered as a bird of the nobility. Its charcoal blood color has been considered as a delicacy of spirits, which bring power and good luck. You can scroll down to see more pictures of this beautiful bird.

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