“The icon of our time”: Italian actress Bellucci at her 57 still delights everyone with her charm and femininity

Bellucci still remains the icon of beauty making everyone admire her femininity

There are definitely reasons why this woman is among the most charming, admirable and attractive ones of our time. She is, undoubtedly, worth the title “the icon of women’s beauty and femininity”.

She is unearthly beautiful and is sometimes called “out of this world”. The woman has achieved great success and gained world famous both in the film and modeling industries.

And regardless of her not young age, she still continues delighting her audience with her charm and attractiveness.

However, Bellucci isn’t trying to correspond to today’s standards of beauty at any price. Instead, she completely accepts all age-related changes in her appearance.

Most outfits she appears in successfully emphasize her flawless figure and forms.

She is very often called “a natural rebel” who, in spite of changing times and competitions, managed to remain herself.

What a stunning figure and thin waist she has at the age of 57!

Her most essential jewelry is her sincere smile and happy face. Monica will probably remain “the perfectness” of women’s beauty for a long time.

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